Sunday, June 6, 2010

Seven Years and Counting!!

Where does the time go??? It sure doesn't feel like seven years. It would be impossible to describe the journey we have had since we decided to make it forever on that day back in June of 2003. I do know that it has been an adventure each and everyday! We have learned, loved, and grown along the way. I do know that it would be impossible to imagine what life would be like with out Becky by my side for the last seven years. I am grateful for the person that she is and for the patience she has with me. She is a beautiful and amazing person who makes the world a better place each and everyday. I couldn't ask for a better companion or mother for our children. I am so glad she is mine forever and we get to continue this journey together each and everyday. Becky, I love you and hope there are many, many more years to come!